Zoho One

Zoho One is a comprehensive suite of over 40 integrated business applications covering CRM, finance, collaboration, marketing, and more, designed to streamline communication and enhance productivity across various business functions.

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Zoho CRM Plus

​Zoho CRM Plus is an integrated CRM platform that combines sales, marketing, and customer support tools. It facilitates lead and contact management, sales and marketing automation, and provides multichannel support for a holistic customer engagement approach.

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Zoho Marketing Plus

Zoho Marketing Plus is an all-in-one marketing automation platform offering features like email marketing, social media management, analytics, and customer journey mapping. It helps businesses create targeted campaigns, analyze performance, and optimize marketing strategies.

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most popular bundles

Zoho offers a diverse range of bundles to cater to various business needs. Whether you're looking for comprehensive solutions in customer relationship management, productivity tools, or integrated suites, Zoho has carefully created bundles that provide seamless integration and functionality. These bundles are designed to empower businesses with the tools necessary for efficient operations, collaboration, and growth. Choose from a selection of packages tailored to meet specific requirements and elevate your overall business experience with Zoho's unique software solutions.

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Zoho CRM optimizes customer interactions, automates tasks, and provides insights for effective sales management.


Zoho Sign simplifies document signing with secure and legally binding e-signatures, streamlining workflows for efficient agreement processes.


Zoho Bigin simplifies small business CRM, aiding in contact management, deal tracking, and pipeline visualization for streamlined sales processes.


Zoho Forms is a versatile online form builder that allows users to create, share, and collect data seamlessly. It simplifies the process of building forms for various purposes, from surveys to registrations, with easy customization and integration options.


Zoho TeamInbox revolutionizes team email management. It provides a shared inbox where teams can collaborate efficiently on emails, assign tasks, and maintain clear communication. This centralized platform enhances teamwork, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page and tasks are organized effortlessly.


Zoho Field Service Management (FSM) is a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses to streamline their field service operations. It offers tools for scheduling, dispatching, and tracking field activities in real-time. With Zoho FSM, organizations can optimize workforce management, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure efficient field service delivery.


Zoho Commerce simplifies online store management with user-friendly features for product, order, and payment management. It empowers businesses to create and maintain a robust online presence.


Zoho RouteIQ is a powerful route optimization software that helps businesses plan and optimize their field service operations. It enables efficient scheduling, reduces travel time, and improves overall productivity for delivery and service teams.


Zoho Voice enables businesses to make, receive, and manage calls, offering features such as call recording, call forwarding, and voicemail. Integrated into the Zoho Suite, it ensures seamless communication and call management within a business environment.



Zoho Campaigns is a comprehensive email marketing platform that empowers businesses to create, send, and track effective email campaigns. It offers features like customizable templates, automation, analytics, and integration with CRM systems, making it a versatile tool for successful email marketing campaigns.


Zoho Sites empowers you to create visually captivating websites with ease. From user-friendly design tools to powerful content creation features, it provides a seamless collaborative platform. Elevate your online presence effortlessly with Zoho Sites.

Marketing Automation

Zoho MarketingAutomation revolutionizes your marketing strategies with its comprehensive suite of tools. From personalized email campaigns to lead nurturing, it streamlines your marketing efforts. Gain insights, automate workflows, and engage customers effectively with Zoho MarketingAutomation.


Zoho PageSense is a robust optimization tool that helps you enhance the user experience on your website. It provides insightful analytics and A/B testing capabilities, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to improve conversion rates and overall website performance. Optimize, experiment, and elevate your online presence with Zoho PageSense.


Zoho SalesIQ revolutionizes customer engagement with real-time website visitor insights, live chat, and powerful automation, enhancing businesses' interaction and boosting conversions.


Zoho Survey is your go-to tool for crafting and conducting surveys effortlessly. With a user-friendly interface and a myriad of customization options, it simplifies the entire survey creation process. Gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with Zoho Survey.


Zoho Backstage is an event management tool designed to streamline every aspect of your events. From planning and promotion to execution and analysis, it offers a comprehensive solution. With features like attendee management, agenda planning, and engagement analytics, Zoho Backstage ensures your events are seamless and successful.


Zoho Social is a user-friendly social media management platform that enables businesses to schedule posts, monitor social conversations, analyze performance, collaborate with teams, and manage social media ads—all in one place.


Zoho LandingPage is an intuitive landing page builder. Create custom pages for special occasions, deliver personalized content, and use pop-ups for increased visibility into your conversion rate.



Zoho Books is accounting software that helps businesses manage invoicing, expenses, bank reconciliation, inventory, and financial reporting. It offers features for multi-currency support, tax management, and mobile accessibility.


Zoho Expense streamlines business expense management, enabling users to easily track expenses, scan receipts, and submit reimbursement reports.


Zoho Invoice is an invoicing software that simplifies billing processes for businesses. It allows users to create professional invoices, automate payment reminders, and manage client payments efficiently.


Zoho Inventory is a comprehensive inventory management solution. It helps businesses track stock levels, manage orders, and streamline their overall inventory processes efficiently.


Zoho Billing is subscription and recurring billing management software. It handles the entire customer lifecycle, from accepting periodic invoices to subscription management. Accelerate and simplify subscription processing.


Zoho Checkout is an online payment gateway by Zoho that simplifies the process of collecting payments. It enables businesses to create customizable payment pages, accept online payments securely, and manage transactions effortlessly.

Customer Service


Zoho Desk is a customer support and help desk software designed to streamline and enhance customer service operations. It offers features for ticketing, automation, knowledge base management, and multichannel support, providing businesses with tools to deliver efficient and responsive customer support.


Zoho Lens is interactive remote support with augmented reality. View and resolve equipment issues directly from your desk, enhancing productivity by minimizing downtime.


Zoho Assist is a remote support and access solution that enables seamless collaboration between users. It allows for remote troubleshooting, screen sharing, and file transfer, facilitating efficient IT support and assistance.



Zoho People is a human resources management system that helps businesses streamline HR processes. It offers features for employee data management, attendance tracking, leave management, and performance appraisal, providing a comprehensive solution for efficient HR operations.


Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking system designed to simplify and optimize the recruitment process for businesses. It facilitates candidate sourcing, resume management, and collaboration among hiring teams, enhancing overall efficiency in talent acquisition.


Zoho Workerly is a staffing and temporary workforce management solution. It helps businesses manage temporary staffing, track work hours, and streamline billing processes. Workerly is designed to simplify workforce management for staffing agencies and organizations dealing with temporary staffing arrangements.


Zoho Shifts is a workforce scheduling and time tracking solution. It aids businesses in managing employee schedules, tracking work hours, and streamlining shift planning. Designed for ease of use, Zoho Shifts enhances overall efficiency in workforce management for businesses of various sizes.

Email & Collaboration


Zoho Mail is an email hosting and collaboration platform. It provides businesses with secure and ad-free email services, along with features such as seamless collaboration, calendar management, and integration with other Zoho applications.


Zoho Projects is a project management tool that enables teams to plan, collaborate, and track progress efficiently. It offers features such as task management, Gantt charts, document sharing, and time tracking, providing a comprehensive solution for successful project execution and collaboration.


Zoho WorkDrive is a cloud-based file storage and collaboration platform. It allows teams to securely store, share, and collaborate on documents in real-time. With features such as file versioning, team folders, and advanced search, Zoho WorkDrive enhances team productivity and document management.


Zoho Sprints is an agile project management tool that facilitates efficient planning, tracking, and delivery of work in iterative cycles. It enables teams to manage backlogs, create user stories, and track progress using Scrum methodologies, fostering collaboration and enhancing the agility of development projects.


Zoho Writer is a collaborative word processing tool that allows users to create, edit, and collaborate on documents in real-time. It offers features such as online and offline editing, advanced formatting, and seamless integration with cloud storage, providing a versatile platform for document creation and collaboration.


Zoho BugTracker is a issue tracking software designed for submitting, tracking, and resolving bugs. It aims to expedite and simplify the bug resolution process.


Zoho Sheet is an online spreadsheet application that allows users to create, edit, and collaborate on spreadsheets in real-time. It offers features such as data analysis, chart creation, and cloud-based storage, providing a versatile platform for efficient spreadsheet management and collaboration.


Zoho Vault is a secure password management solution that helps businesses store, share, and manage sensitive credentials. It offers features like secure password storage, access control, and password sharing with centralized administration, ensuring robust security for sensitive information.


Zoho Show is an online presentation tool that enables users to create, collaborate on, and deliver visually engaging presentations. It offers features like real-time collaboration, multimedia integration, and cloud-based accessibility, providing a versatile platform for dynamic and interactive presentations


Zoho Cliq is a team communication and collaboration platform. It offers real-time messaging, file sharing, and audio/video conferencing to facilitate seamless communication among team members. With features like channels, bots, and integrations, Zoho Cliq enhances collaboration and information sharing within organizations.


Zoho Bookings is an appointment scheduling software that simplifies the booking process for businesses. It allows users to set up their availability, manage appointments, and automate reminders, enhancing efficiency in appointment scheduling and client management.


Zoho Meeting is a web conferencing and online meeting platform. It enables users to conduct virtual meetings, webinars, and collaborative sessions. With features like screen sharing, video conferencing, and participant engagement tools, Zoho Meeting facilitates efficient and interactive online communication.


Zoho Connect is a collaboration and communication platform designed for teams. It facilitates real-time messaging, file sharing, and social interactions within an organization. With features like groups, forums, and integrations, Zoho Connect fosters seamless collaboration, enhancing teamwork and information sharing.


Zoho Calendar is an online calendar tool that helps users schedule and organize events efficiently. It offers features like event creation, shared calendars, and reminders, facilitating seamless coordination and time management for individuals and teams.


Zoho Notebook is a note-taking and organization app. It allows users to create, organize, and sync notes across devices. With features like multimedia integration, collaboration, and customizable notebooks, Zoho Notebook provides a versatile platform for capturing and organizing ideas, tasks, and information.


Zoho TrainerCentral is a platform for creating learner-centric courses. Users can create and market their courses, engage with learners, and establish their own realm of online learning.


Zoho ZeptoMail is an email transaction service ensuring guaranteed and instant delivery. Send emails reliably, increase open rates, and ensure happier customers.


Zoho Contracts is a solution for all your contract-related challenges. It allows you to create and manage contracts, design custom approval workflows, and optimize contract lifecycle management. Achieve compliance and cost reduction through streamlined processes.


Zoho Learn is an all-in-one platform for knowledge management. Capture and store your team's knowledge, create training programs, and optimize the development of effective learning initiatives.

Business processes


Zoho Creator is a low-code application development platform that allows users to build custom business applications without extensive coding. It offers tools for designing forms, workflows, and reports, enabling users to create tailored solutions for various business needs. With its user-friendly interface, Zoho Creator empowers individuals and businesses to develop and deploy applications quickly.


Zoho Flow is an integration platform that enables users to automate workflows and connect various apps and services. It allows for seamless data transfer between different applications, enhancing efficiency and collaboration within an organization. With Zoho Flow, users can create custom workflows without extensive coding, promoting automation and streamlining business processes.


Zoho Analytics is a powerful business intelligence and analytics platform. It allows users to create insightful reports and dashboards, perform data analysis, and visualize trends from various data sources. With features like drag-and-drop functionality and advanced analytics tools, Zoho Analytics empowers to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights.


Zoho Qntrl is recognized as the global leader in Workflow Orchestration Software. It offers a user-friendly Drag & Drop platform for creating flexible and scalable business processes. With Zoho Qntrl, businesses can enhance visibility, streamline team collaboration, and gain complete control over their workflows.

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