Data migration

5 steps to perfect data migration

1. Customer data analysis

We analyze your data for plausibility in advance, ensuring its transferability to Zoho. If necessary, we prepare the data accordingly -  making sure that Zoho has the required fields, modules, and layouts.

2. The planning phase

If your inventory data is transferable to Zoho, the planning phase involves determining the necessary resources for migration and establishing a schedule.

3. Building the CRM

After completing the planning phase, we will construct your CRM, allowing us to import your legacy data into the new Zoho system accordingly.

4. Data migration

After building your CRM, in this step, we will migrate your legacy data into the Zoho world. We ensure that the data is clean and converted into the correct format.

5. Test phase

Once we have migrated your data to Zoho, it's your turn. You get to extensively test the system and verify whether the data has been imported completely and correctly.