Loxone Eletronics GmbH

Technology manufacturer for building automation

​Relies on the all-in-one solution Zoho One
and reports on the collaboration with us

"Even now, support is always available to us very quickly and is excellent at helping us solve challenges.
A clear recommendation for us!"

Zoho One

short version

As a technology manufacturer for buildings, Loxone Electronics GmbH makes the automation of residential and office buildings easy using smart home solutions. The company has expanded steadily since it was founded in 2009. The company relies on the all-in-one solution Zoho One and has thus been able to make sales, support, project management, marketing and recruiting more efficient.


We have set ourselves the goal of making buildings safer, more comfortable and more energy efficient through intelligent control of things such as shading, lighting, heating and energy management.
We have been doing this very successfully for 13 years now at more than 20 locations worldwide and are growing very quickly.
In order to be able to accompany this growth and make work more efficient, we need the right tools and instruments and Zoho was chosen.

Introduction of the system

The basis was the Zoho CRM; in addition to the setup, the training was also carried out by the soell team. The centralization of all mailboxes was also a requirement for our new system, this was solved with the use of ZOHO DESK
With this ticket system we are able to process the large number of emails in a structured and quick manner. Here, too, we were actively supported by soell to successfully introduce this ticket system.
Right from the start of the project, we knew that we needed an interface to our ERP system. With the help of a developer from the team soell, an interface was created together with our internal IT specialists.
We were able to put the interface into operation after a very short time, and from then on we undertook the further development of this interface ourselves, as we were able to quickly familiarize ourselves with ZOHO Creator thanks to the input from soell.

Implementation and results

The company today uses Zoho CRM for sales, various marketing apps such as Zoho Social and Zoho SalesIQ, as well as Zoho Desk and Zoho Recruit.
Project management also actively uses Zoho Projects to minimize daily effort.

What would you say publicly about the team soell?

"We received optimal support from the team soell, especially in the selection and implementation phase. The setup and training prepared us excellently for working with Zoho - our company benefits from the collaboration with the soell team. The support is also available now We are always available very quickly and are excellent at helping to solve challenges. A clear recommendation for us!"